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Steps to get water out of mp3 player on a beach

After water damage, can electronics be saved? Yes! Yes! After water damage, you can save your electronics and here is how. Follow these quick steps to get water out of mp3 player on a beach, and in no time should your water-logged MP3 player or laptop be in working condition again.

Firstly, turn it off, unplug it and remove any and all detachable parts as soon as you notice that your electronic item is wet. If the cover that houses the interior of the object can be safely unscrewed or popped off, do so, being careful not to cause more harm. Dry each of the pieces individually using a soft, clean, lint-free cloth and set them aside. Do the same with the item’s body, working the fabric gently into any crevices or cavities. To push the moisture out of places you cannot reach, try shaking the object gently.

get water out

You may also use a hair dryer to extract water from tiny perforations where your fabric would not match, at the lowest temperature. This should push the droplets of water to the surface, where the cloth can be used to clean them off. Be very careful not to overheat your electronic item-hold the hair dryer several inches away, and pause periodically so that fragile, heat-sensitive components do not hurt. You do not only want to save your gadgets from water in order to melt them!

When water droplets are no longer created by gentle shaking and careful blow drying, set the item in a dry position with all its parts still separated and any doors or hatches open. For at least twenty-four hours, you may want to leave it, preferably with a fan blowing on it to help dry out any residual moisture.

Change the location of the object from time to time, check for moisture regularly, and continue to use the gentle, clean, lint-free cloth to remove any water the occurs. For at least twenty-four hours, do not reassemble, plug in, turn on or try to use the item-you want to make sure that the item is fully dry. The wetter the substance is, the longer you need to wait before using it. These are the tips for repairing mp3 player after flooded on a beach.

If your electronic item has generated no additional moisture after at least twenty-four hours, you should be able to safely reassemble it. Until you reconnect it, go slowly, inspect and check that each part is dry. Ultimately, once you get your product back together, reinsert (or plug in) the batteries and turn it on. Your electronic product should be ready and dry to use!

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