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Ways to record the water noise on a beach

Water is a fascinating topic since a wide range of potential sounds will exist! I have put together tips to demonstrate water tone’s evocative effects. Some of these water recordings have been incorporated, and can be downloaded for free! For info, see the ways to record the water noise on a beach.

Water and moisture are dangerous and hazardous to electronics, though it may be fun to go wild and crazy. Saltwater is particularly deadly since small quantities of water corrode slowly from within over time. Condensers are moisture and liquid penetration resistant.

Microphone arrays are also sealed to avoid damage when shielding blimps with furry windshields. Blowing and furies would also protect the microphone from unwanted sparks if they are to create a neutral airspace and prevent heavy air flowing around microphone diaphragms. But almost every microphone configuration has a number of options.

You should put your mics in unlubricated condoms before securing them in wind protection if you are positive your equipment is sprinkled but must still record them. This can lead to little loss of high frequency, but can also avoid the soaking and harm of your microphones.

If you capture water sound effects for a library or a media component, you should always have a look before your first shot is rolling. Moving water from different distances and sounds in different conditions very different. There is a lot of nuance, dynamics and texture in near-perspective recording, which normally does not occur when recording far-flung, dispersed perspectives from similar themes.

water sound effects

Take multiple viewpoints if possible to exaggerate the space and setting differential in tone, so that you can pick later. This is different recording ways on a beach.

Touch find points

If natural water effects like rivers, water streams and waves are to be recorded, it is important to look for touch points that voice obstruction to the flowing water. Some rocks are evident but many cases are clear, like shells and bones, plants and obstacles such as man-made docks and piers. All of these points form the sound character and create fascinating changes and textures. Although all of them have advantage, a rocky coast with water pooling and sprinkling makes recording much more complicated than one on a sandy flat coast.

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