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Choosing portable speakers for beach parties

There are thousands of commercially available portable speakers. They come in different shapes and sizes, and at different costs, have different functionalities or requirements. Because of the price or its cosmetic nature, most individuals purchase one.…

Criteria for choosing headphones for tanning on the beach

The headphones’ ride was never smooth. Once upon a time, the headphones were so large that it was a little hard for the listeners to place them over their ears. Yet humans have now created something that we can term ‘wireless’ with the advent of technology and the use of the changing character of computers.…

Steps to get water out of mp3 player on a beach

After water damage, can electronics be saved? Yes! Yes! After water damage, you can save your electronics and here is how. Follow these quick steps to get water out of mp3 player on a beach, and in no time should your water-logged MP3 player or laptop be in working condition again.…

What We Believe In

  • Being interesting people

    You owe it to yourself and the people you work with to take your vacation and do things outside of the office. Having interests outside of work helps bring different perspectives to the table, which is why we give everyone three weeks of paid time off every year.

  • Being mission driven

    Our mission is to give voice through music and surf, and our team is proud to work at Austin’s Surf Camp to help democratize an industry that has forever been top-down.

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